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Accessories - Hemo_Control:

Picture Article Order no. Packing unit
 Hemo_Control Set
Rubyred - anthracite
- in cardboard case -
Set consists of:
1 Hemo_Control photometer
1 Mains adapter
1 control cuvette
accessory set:
1 operation manual
1 short instruction manual
3000-0031-68011 pc.
 Hemo_Control Set
Rubyred - anthracite
- in carrying plastic case -
3000-0031-68011 pc.
Calibration Set
1 x control cuvette
2 x cleaner
1 x calibrator + pipette
3000-61381 set
 Cuvette holder3000-11041 pc.
 Mains adaptor EURO3000-19011 pc.
 Mains adaptor UK3000-19021 pc.
 Mains adaptor US3000-19031 pc.
 Mains adaptor AUS3000-19041 pc.
Mains plug EURO3000-70611 pc.
Mains plug UK3000-70621 pc.
Mains plug US3000-70631 pc.
 Mains plug AUS3000-70641 pc.
Thermal Printer DPU 414
with serial and parallel interfaces
0620-0104-0031 pc.
Mains adaptor
for thermal printer DPU 414
0711-0600-0011 pc.
Printer lead
Connection between DPU 414 to Hemo_Control
3000-70111 pc.
Thermal paper
for DPU 414
0203-0100-2041 set (5 rolls)
Carrying plastic case3000-80111 pc.
Cardboard case3000-80211 pc.
Operator's manual German3000-90111 pc.
 Operator's manual English3000-90111 pc.
Short instructions manual3000-90211 pc.

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